How much does it cost to get a key made without the original?

My Car Key Replacement Cost · Chevrolet Locksmith · Dodge. The car keys can be manufactured without an original. The specific process of duplicating a car key requires a working key that can be copied. When you duplicate a car key, the costs are lower than when you have to follow all the steps to make a car key without existing keys.

There are several types of car keys and each one will cost a different amount to replace them. They are basic key fobs, transponder keys, laser-cut keys, automatic knife keys and keyless entry remote controls. This type of key, as you might have guessed, is designed with a laser that borders the key. You can tell that you have a laser-cut key if your key is thicker than the average key and has a unique side carving.

Laser-cut keys, such as transponder keys, usually have a transponder chip, which makes their replacement expensive. If you take a trip to your local Home Depot, you'll find that they don't have a wide variety of blank keys and an especially limited number of blank car keys. If your car was built before 1981, you're likely to get a standard key from a locksmith or, in some cases, a hardware store. On top of that, an automotive locksmith can program your spare key fob if that's the problem.

So, just to be clear, to worry about the cost of duplicating the car key, you need to have your physical key handy so that you can start the process. However, I will refer to how the prices for duplicating car keys tend to change when some additional services are needed, such as programming transponder keys. The covers of these car keys are made of plastic and can sometimes break, separating the key blade from the housing. If you have lost or lost your car keys, it's up to you to choose between a dealer or a locksmith.

A locksmith may still need to program the key for the vehicle to work, even if the remote control can be programmed automatically. A qualified locksmith or dealer will be able to help you, but you should be aware that this is not a duplication of car keys. If your vehicle offers that capability, you will find a tab after you select the programming of your car key or the FOB tag. Although this is a viable option, doing so will cost twice as much as having a locksmith cut and program a new key.

The dealer usually requires you to tow your vehicle, while locksmiths can get you a replacement car key on the spot. This means that if your original key has a transponder chip, the duplicate car key will most likely not be able to start your car. This service usually includes copying the key to another blank key and cloning the security information encoded on the chip. However, if you come across a good locksmith, they may program the transponder key for you for free, but that's on a case-by-case basis.